The Wash Express

The Wash Express

313 East White Horse Pike,
Absecon, NJ 08205

Mon to Sat: 8:00am – 6:00pm
Sun: 8:00am – 5:00pm

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Conveniently located at 313 East White Horse Pike, Absecon, New Jersey, the new facility is a state of the art express car wash, perfect for maintaining your vehicle between full washes and auto detailing. This is also a great way to preserve your investment since a well maintained vehicle preserves 18% more of its value.

The Wash Express also features the Bubblizer, a waterfall of hot pure Carnauba Wax cascading down on your car delivering a hand wax quality finish and shine. Our customers keep telling us how delighted they are by the finished product.

The building itself, for the Wash Express, is an amazing story. A 1980’s utilitarian structure was totally transformed into the present Car Wash, a design that was inspired by a country stable from an old estate, the result of a collaborative vision between architect, designer, owner and builder. Perhaps the most striking feature is a fanciful roadside sculpture. A child’s car from an amusement park ride, circa 1950, is positioned on a column of stacked old-fashioned cogs, wheels, and gears. The car wash owner found the toy vehicle and commissioned a sculptor to create this piece which is destined to become a landmark. The artistic theme of cogs & gears is carried out throughout the car wash representing “the ongoing relationship of the worker with industry.” Both of the “Wash” locations (The Wash Express and The Wash at Galloway) are decorated with a fascinating collections of art and ephemera.

The Wash at Galloway (the parent company located at 110 W. White Horse Pike, Galloway, NJ) is a full service car wash with services that include: Exterior and Interior Detailing, Interior Sanitizing, Hand Waxing and Carpet & Seat Shampooing.

Also, The Wash Express, is located just before the Parkway North entrance, so on your way from the Jersey Shore you can arrive home with a sparkling clean car.

Regular washes from The Wash Express and The Wash at Galloway, along with The Bubblizer (Simoniz Hot Wax & Shine) will help your car stay cleaner longer, protect it from minor scratches, provide UV protection, and give your vehicle a classic long-lasting shine.

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The Bubblizer

A waterfall of hot pure Carnauba Wax cascading down on your car delivering a hand wax quality finish and shine! Full wax coverage followed by the gently buffering of the soft Lammscloth rotomitters provide a service with no equal. The Carnuba wax mixed with synthetic polymers bonds with the vehicles surface. The microscopic film cures while being buffed into the vehicle and adheres to the cars paint leaving a durable shine!

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What is Carnuba Wax?

Since carnauba wax is a plant derivative, it will not damage a car's paint job and protects automobiles from weather and sun damage. Carnauba wax provides an excellent barrier against bird droppings, bugs and acid rain, and keeps a car looking Show Room new.

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Customer Reviews

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"Brought my car here today to get a wash and cleaned inside the outside came out good but the inside wasn't what so ever so I went back later in the day and happened to run into owner and told him what happened right away he offered to do it again free of charge and was very apologetic for what happened stand up guy and will continue to bring my car here."

Josh G., Hammonton

6 Reasons To Get Your Vehicle Detailed

1. Protect your investment

Cars are expensive. Think detailing is an unnecessary luxury service? Think again. It's actually preventative maintenance for the interior and exterior of your car, a way to protect the substantial investment you've made in your vehicle. Failure to properly maintain your vehicle could lead to paint oxidation/fading, clear coat failure, faded trim, and even faded or cracked interior plastics and leather surfaces. Regular detailing ensures that these parts don't break down over time, which keeps your car in good shape for years down the road.

2. Clean interiors are healthy

You spend a lot of time in your car. In fact, the average person spends at least 2.4 hours in their car each week. When your interior is not cleaned on a regular basis, dust mites and other allergens can develop quickly. A detailed interior, which includes cleaning your air vents, promotes a healthier environment for you and your passengers.

3. Professional retailers do it right

When you have a problem with your car, you take it to a mechanic because they know cars and have the proper tools to make the needed repair. If you are sick, you seek a doctor for similar reasons. The same principle applies to maintaining your car's interior and exterior. We have the equipment, products, and expertise needed to do the best job and to do it correctly.

4. Increase your resale value

Look at it from a different point of view-- Would you buy a dirty scratched up car? Not likely! A thorough detail before you sell your car increases your chances of it selling quickly, and at a higher price. The extra money could be used towards the purchase of your next vehicle. This also helps when you turn in a vehicle coming off a lease. If your car is left in horrible shape when its turned in, you will more than likely be paying a hefty cleaning fee from the dealership.

5. Enjoy that new car feel

Professional detailing performed on a regular basis is an great way to keep your car looking great and feeling like new – without spending new car money! It's the next best thing without spending the money on a new car!

6. Portray the right image

This quote, pulled from an issue of Entrepreneur Magazine couldn't explain it better. "To many, the appearance of a clean, well cared for vehicle, dictates the projections of the owners own personality and upkeep ."

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