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Our Available Detailing Services

Let us know your vehicle needs during your evaluation appointment and choose from express or basic services up to premium cleaning and expert detailing inside and out. Our team provides a premium fit and finish to protect your vehicle's interior fabrics and exterior paint with a perfect shine.


Interior Detail

A thorough cleaning of the vehicle's interior, including vacuuming, sanitizing, and conditioning, and cleaning of all surfaces to revitalize the vehicle’s interior.

  • Comprehensive Interior Vacuuming Detailed Interior Cleaning

  • Interior Dressing with a conditioner or protectant

  • Shampooing of Carpets

  • Shampooing of Seats

  • Window Cleaning

  • Mat Cleaning

  • Scented Finish



Mid-Sized Vehicles

$150 - $170

Large Vehicles

$170 - $200


Exterior Detail

Detailed cleaning and restoration of the vehicle's exterior, including washing, waxing, and applying sealants to protect the paint. Advanced services like compounding, clay bar application, and tar removal ensure the vehicle’s exterior is immaculate and protected.

  • Premium Exterior Wash

  • Premium Hand Wax

  • Exterior Dressed

  • Tire Shine with Armour All

  • Wheels Cleaned



Mid-Sized Vehicles

$150 - $170

Large Vehicles

$170 - $200

Full Detail

Experience a comprehensive rejuvenation of your vehicle with our Full Detailing service. This package covers everything from a thorough exterior wash and wax to deep cleaning your interior, ensuring every corner shines.

  • Premium Exterior Wash

  • Exterior Wax

  • Exterior Dressed

  • Wheels Cleaned

  • Tire Shine

  • Interior Vacuumed

  • Interior Cleaned

  • Interior Dressed

  • Carpets Shampooed

  • Cloth Seats Shampooed

  • Leather Seats Cleaned

  • Leather Seats Dressed

  • Windows Cleaned

  • Mats Cleaned



Mid-Sized Vehicles

$275 - $310

Large Vehicles

$310 - $500


Detailing Enhancements

Elevate your vehicle's condition with The Wash's tailored Enhancements. Choose from our à la carte services for that extra touch of care and attention your vehicle deserves.

Express Services
Interior Express

Quick and thorough cleaning, ideal for maintaining a clean and sanitized interior in a short amount of time. Includes Vacuum, Windows, Back hatch, Hospital grade sanitize, Wipe down, Tire dressing, Mats cleaning, Towel Dry after wash.

  • $20 Per Wash

Exterior Ultimate

The Ultimate package includes a triple polish for a high-gloss finish, an underbody rust inhibitor for protection, a ceramic coating for long-lasting protection, wheel blasters for clean wheels, a velocity clear coat for added shine, a complete surface protectant, and an extreme shine wax

  • $16 Per Wash

Exterior Basic

Basic wash offers a quick yet effective exterior clean for your vehicle. It comprises a basic wash to remove surface dirt and grime, complemented by a tire shine to enhance the appearance of your wheels. It’s perfect for maintaining your vehicle’s cleanliness between more detailed sessions.

  • $12 Per Wash

Exterior Extreme

The Extreme package is our most comprehensive exterior detailing service. It everything the Exterior ultimate provides plus tire shine, and Rain-X water repellent treatment. This service provides 3 times the shine and protection. It's the ultimate shine, protect, and seal package.

  • $23 Per Wash

Shampoo Services
Shampoo Carpets for Cars

Deep clean your car's carpets to remove dirt, stains, and odors, revitalizing your interior and enhancing the driving experience.

  • Flat Rate $40 

Shampoo Carpets for Large Vehicles

Target tough stains and ground-in dirt with our specialized carpet shampoo service for large vehicles, leaving your SUV or van's interior spotlessly clean and fresh. 

  • Flat Rate $60 

Shampoo Carpets for Mid-Sized Vehicles

Our expert carpet shampoo service for crossovers, wagons, and small SUVs ensures every inch of your vehicle's flooring is meticulously cleaned and refreshed.

  • $50

Shampoo Back Hatch or Trunk

Extend cleanliness to the back hatch or trunk area, removing debris and odors often overlooked, for a fully refreshed vehicle.

  • Flat Rate $20

Shampoo Mats

Thoroughly cleanse and rejuvenate your vehicle’s mats with our expert shampoo service, designed to tackle tough stains and dirt for a renewed look.

  • Price For Set of Four $25

Shampoo Seats

Deep clean and refresh your vehicle's seats with our specialized shampoo service, tailored to remove stains and revitalize fabric or leather.

  • Price Per Row $25

Hand Wax Treatment
Hand Wax for Cars

Enhance your car's appearance with our premium hand wax service, providing a protective shine that safeguards against environmental elements.

  • $80

Hand Wax for Large Vehicles

Our hand wax service for large vehicles like SUVs, mini-vans, and 4-door pick-ups offers extra care and protection, keeping your larger vehicle looking its best in any environment.

  • $100

Hand Wax for Mid-Sized Vehicles

Protect and shine your crossover, wagon, small SUV, or pick-up with our specialized hand wax treatment designed for larger vehicles, ensuring a durable and attractive finish.

  • $90

Clay Bar Treatment
Clay Bar For Cars

Removes embedded contaminants from the paint, restoring a smooth surface to enhance the effectiveness of waxes and sealants.

  • Flat Rate $30

Clay Bar For Large Vehicles

Removes embedded contaminants from the paint on larger vehicles such as full-size SUVs, minivans, and 4-door pick-up trucks, creating a smooth renewed surface optimal for waxes and sealant application.

  • Flate Rate $50

Clay Bar For Mid-Size Vehicles

Removes embedded contaminants from the paint on mid-size vehicles like crossovers, wagons, small SUVs, and 2-door or extended cab pick-ups, restoring a smooth surface to better accept waxes and sealants.

  • Flat rate $40

Hard Water Spot Removal
Spot Removal For Cars

Targets and eliminates unsightly hard water spots, restoring clarity and shine to affected surfaces.

  • Flat Rate $60

Spot Removal For Large Vehicles

Eliminates unsightly hard water spotting on larger vehicles such as full-size SUVs, minivans, and 4-door pick-up trucks, renewing affected areas to a spot-free brilliant finish.

  • Flate Rate $100

Spot Removal For Mid-Size Vehicles

Precisely removes stubborn hard water spots from mid-size vehicles like crossovers, wagons, small SUVs, and 2-door or extended cab trucks, reviving the original clean shine.

  • Flat rate $80

Specialized Cleaning Treatments
Leather Conditioner

Provides premium care for leather interiors, extending their life and beauty.

Water Extraction

Effective moisture removal from your vehicle's upholstery using cool water extraction methods.


Restores the luster of your vehicle's paint by removing light scratches and oxidation. It must be accompanied by exterior detail or hand wax.

Interior Dressing

Elevate your interior cleaning with a full whip-down using premium vinyl and leather conditioner to enhance appearance and protect surfaces.

  • $15

Wheels Only

Give your vehicle's wheels the attention they deserve with our Wheels Only service. We clean and polish each wheel, enhancing their appearance and restoring their shine.

  • $50

Clean Headliner

Light cleaning service for vehicle headliners to address everyday dirt and grime.  

Air Purge Crevices

Ensures even hard-to-reach interior spaces are thoroughly cleaned using precision air tools.  

Sap & Tar Removal

Specialized cleaning to remove tree sap and tar from your vehicle's exterior without damaging the paint.

Chrome Polishing

Polishes and protects chrome features, enhancing shine and preventing tarnish.

Trim Refresh

Our Trim Refresh service is designed to clean and brighten your vehicle’s exterior trim. While this service enhances the appearance of the trim, it does not constitute a full restoration.

Get Unlimited
Car Wash

Unlimited Memberships as low as $19.99 a month!


$19.99 UnlimitedOR $12 Per Wash
  • Foam Bath
  • Wheel Blasters
  • All Payment is without Tax


$38.99 UnlimitedOR $23 Per Wash
  • Triple Polish
  • Underbody rust inhibitor
  • Ceramic Coat
  • Wheel blaster
  • Velocity Clear Coat
  • Complete Surface Protectant
  • Extreme Shine Wax
  • Tire Shine
  • Rain-X
  • 3X The Shine & Protection
  • All Payments is without Tax
  • 20% discount on Interior Express Services


$24.99 UnlimitedOR $16 Per Wash
  • Triple Polish
  • Underbody rust inhibitor
  • Wheel blaster
  • Velocity Clear Coat
  • Complete Surface Protectant
  • Extreme Shine Wax
  • All Payments is without Tax

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